Tribute to M P Ranjan

A poem for my beloved and most respected teacher Mr. M P Ranjan.

खबर सुनी, एक बरस पूर्व, के थम गयी दुनिया सारी।
सबके अजीज दिल खुशमिज़ाज वो छोड़े दुनियादारी।

कभी गुरु से वो हम मित्र बने और कभी मित्रों के गुरु
दुनिया बेहतर जिस बात से हो बस वो ही बात शुरू।

वे फिरते देश विदेशों में पर होते सबके पास
एक इ मेल भर की दुरी और रंजन आपके साथ।

कुछ नए प्रश्न और उत्तर भी उनके हर पल के साथी।
फिर चाहे वो शहरों में मिलें या घूमें चढ़ के हाथी।

जिस जिस के जीवन काल में उनके दर्शन का सौभाग्य जुड़ा
वो हर व्यक्ति भूले भटके ग्रास रुट की ओर चला

डिजाईन एक समस्या है – उत्तर है या देख भालने की है कला
इन सबकी गुत्थी में रंजन, देखो हम को है छोड़ चला

बस यही कामना बाकि है मेरी अब उस परमेश्वर से
मुझे हर एक जनम हर बार प्रभु बस रंजन जैसा गुरु मिले।


Art and Design

What is art and what is design?
Since the 2nd year of NID, I have been trying to find answer of this question. The most simple and straight forward answer was the art is done for oneself and design is for masses.
Design should be a problem solving process; it could be functional or visual, right!!!
Where as art is allowed to create problems.

In design, “the” designers want everyone to appreciate their so called solution and have a unanimous public acceptance, but the designers always want to be exclusive and they should have very special taste or shoes, any one of these is mandatory.
The Artist is a very common man with super uncommon vision and ideas about everything which passes they way. He understands the pain of common man and problems of society, he also understands his personal fight, which takes place after every half an hour.

There is a funny relation between these two.  The boundaries of art and design are merging. They have to man!!!  A designer, have to go through so much of trouble to make some idiot client to approve a logo, God knows how many sketches and vectors and reference etc etc … have to be prepared… and our dear artist just put three dot on an a5 size paper and gets same amount of money as designer’s 3 month’s salary.
And on top of that our dear artist takes the freelance of book design also… from some big fat artist… who else. But whatever you say, “It takes just first day of first job to a designer to be cool and elite, where as artist has to ragaadoo god knows how many years to reach that level of …whatever.”

Still the question is same… what makes both of them different… when both of them  have to start their work with doodling or referencing.


As a child I always wanted to be in one of the best institution of India and world.
I believe in God and He believed in me… I went to National Institute of Design 🙂

In my Graduation years NID gave me the opportunity to see the wide world. I enjoyed, got embarrassed, felt ashamed, became extremely happy with the kind of subjects and experiences I went through. For example, the movies shown in our audi, used to be from all over the world… though I slept during half of them (as the acceptance of my capacity to understand another language and culture is not very strong) but whatever I could see (the force I have put in to make myself awake and realization that I am doing something very very very useful) actually keep building a kind of ‘common sense’ in my character.

I always believed that good education is very important and an institutional education gives you a certain kind of responsibility and charm. But some how, because of the open mindedness(which one have to gain, to survive in the world where design means mehandi, t-shirt, wedding cards etc…etc…), in technical terms opening the world view… I tend to accept everything (one of those dumb) … so I believed that there are other people who does not belong to so called good institutions and posses ‘common sense’.

So here we go for the experiences I have when I started believing that ‘common sense’ is natural. Then I met few people who believe that age is just a number (that means they think that they are allowed to do all sorts of talk/stuff/behavior which are considered to be immature… its so pissing off to see a 40 yr old wearing three-fourth pants of magenta color and trying to act cool… its different story altogether when someone can carry that bright color very nicely…okk). They said age is just a number so that you stop feeling old and wipe your own ass.
Some people confuse common sense to openness and openness to all crap in their head. I keep meeting all sorts of weird people who think that acceptance and openness means, you are allowed to open your mouth about anything, in front of anybody… thats where I feel that institution matter, though it tells you to be open about subjects and people (kaun se collage se ho beta?)… but it never gives you to have the freedom to interfere in another persons comfort zone… A good institution gives you opportunity to know everything and then let you be there to choose whatever you think is right or wrong… but it never allows you to make right and wrong for society or to ignore the set rules …cause ignoring the rules may lead to the harmful ends (we live in the colorful country of religion and cast…donn forget!!!)… as if you are exposed to certain subjects, or if you are trained in certain discipline… you should not ‘assume’ the same for others… because only you have gone to an institutional training and not others… its a different story to apply you training to the society… sometimes one need to shit in front of the road and let people accept that ‘shit happens’. But one should do it.. only if people are behaving blind to witness the whole murder… It’s not like one fine day you decide that you are open minded one and people should know it…


I love nature cause, it’s blur!!!

Once upon a time (not very long ago…) I went to watch a french movie in Auditorium… I could not focus on the story… as I was not able to read everything… it was evening and after a long day i was tired… anyways my english reading capacity is worse, when the medium is screen… (and understanding capacity is same for all the mediums… i donn get anything!!!… i donno why ppl still want to be Shakespeare…).
So after watching first few minutes I slept and blamed my ill-understanding of reading english for this… I was excited to watch French film… in the beginning only… later I realized that they are not mend to watched for a person who comes from the place of river Ganga… pious, clean, innocent etc..etc… If anybody would have seen me watching these kinds of films… they would comment… Ohh my God!!! tum bigad rahe ho… you have changed and blah blah blah… Sometimes I feel people are so confused that they dont even know what are they talking about… so what do they do??? they confuse you… ’cause !!! then they can feel sorted … what happened to you… I donn give a ****.
So ya!!! these super confused ppl will firstly will tell you to open up your world view and watch all sorts of not-so-watchable films… and then when they see you coming out… you have changed!!!

Coming back to Auditorium movies… these movies keep giving me beatitudes and a feeling that i donn understand english!!!
One day I had a bad headache and my Homeopathy doctor…( do not get amazed ok… yes homeopathy exist… and the same way… in a small old house… same old deserted government office… its way cheaper and helpful… and sweet… better then all your whatever!!! and mind this… it can cure everything … and its not psychology based) told me to go for an eye check-up… I found that I need specs and (what happened next…. keep reading!!!)

to be continued…..

A Rainy Day

Once there was raining in Ahmedabad. It rained after a long time. So I decided to enjoy the rain and I drew this in front of our auditorium.
rain.5nov09 copy