Teen Zordaar Mahilayein

This was supposed to be published during women’s day and not on mother’s day… But destiny.  Dedicated to all the zordaar women around.
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Story telling – Bhole Firangi

I have been writing stories for a while now but its so much fun to have an audience who would want to hear your stories! Here the link of my story telling

Kesar केसर

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एक और बरस

एक और बरस अब बीत गया या आने वाला है
ये भी किस्सों की परतों में दब जाने वाला है

परतें दर परतें जम जम कर पत्थर बन जाती हैं
बीच उसी के पत्ते लकड़ी सब जड़ जाती है

बनते है जीवाश्म कई फिर ढूँढे जाते हैं
जाने कौन बरस के किस्से मुंडे जाते हैं

वो भी होगा नया बरस जब लोगो ने माना
हमने उनकी परतें सारी खोल के ये जाना

चलो अपने जीवाश्मों को कुछ जांच परख हम लें
नया साल और बात पुरानी साथ साथ रख लें

Mera Bachpan – happy children’s day :)

A small poem written for Children’s Day.

For all the house wives

It was a nostalgic experience for me, when I picked up this Hindi magazine called “Grahshobha”. I remember how all the aunties of my neighborhood would share their winter special issue to get new designs of sweaters or the summer ones for some cool shake recipe.
So here I am very excited to read these magazines after decades.
I went through some pages; nothing has changed same kind of stories about extra marital affairs and young love stories. After reading some second hand filmi gossips, I was getting bored with the book, when a column related to personal problem caught my eye. To find something interesting I started reading it, and then I realize Oh my God! What is this…? What are these people feeding to naïve housewives … No wonder house wives are not strong enough to fight back? So here it was, a woman’s query about her husband who drinks every night, want to have intercourse with her wife every night and does not like her food, she does not want to have sex with her husband so regularly and also feels that since her parents are no more, and her husband mistreats her.
Poor lady in hope of finding some helps is writing to this magazine and what magazines replies, “Take your husband to some rehab (as if he is sitting there to go to a rehab) and do not stop him from having sex, it’s his right… yes you read it correct…  do not stop him… it’s his right

Yes my friends, the magazine is telling poor woman to submit to marital rape, and to all the woman who must be reading this magazine to submit to a crime.
I can imagine it’s not that easy to be revolutionary and tell the women to go to police because even police might not help or one cannot expect some house wife to suddenly become Jhansi ki rani (a warrior queen) and fight against her husband and then to society for making it a big issue.
But I am surprised that the magazine could not think of some easy solutions like, just tell your husband that I am not willing to do this or at least let him know what you feel… in place of total submission. Or since he is already drunk, let him sleep and finish your house hold work, its better to save yourself then being a victim Or talk to your husband when he is sober. Or give some helpline number for woman.

This magazine is more than 25 years old and I am sure thousands of women must be reading this magazine… For such a huge readership we do not even have a system to check on literature like this, to critically approve the content.

No wonder, thousands of the household harassment cases are never reported. Dear Ladies, just accept it, if you raise your voice, your so called social honor will be at stake, your parents will not be able to keep their head up and imagine what will your children think about you? You are meant to be harassed by everyone, be it your husband or society. And that’s what all the literature tells you… Be it Manusamhita, written ages ago or Grahshobha, printing every month.

मतदान कीजिये

मतदान कीजिये अवश्य कीजिए…
ध्यान में रखिये की ये आपका नहीं देश का सवाल है.
वही देश जहाँ कई लोग बेवजह मालामाल हैं…
बड़ी अजीब समस्या है पर गरीबो के दान से अमीर बनते है.
और आज भी हम अपने अधिकार को खैरात समझते हैं.
यदि आपको खैरात में बाप बनाने का इतना ही शौक़ है…
तो कृपा करके अपने मत को अपने तक ही सिमित रखिये…
बिना सोचे मतदान से तो अच्छा है की
आप मत दान कीजिये…