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Best Boy-Friend

By the name of the post it looks like I am going to open a secret about my or someone else’s personal life. Keep reading and I guarantee a fun ride.
First time abroad, I was very excited. I got thrilled about everything. Even a normal aluminum box to keep breads, would made me go wow!!! My host organization had provided everything to me. I had a nice room to stay and good food was given on time. Last but not least I had a personal guide to take me around Holland. What more I could have asked for?
So I had this very sweet guy called Merjin taking me around the Holland. Since I was in a foreign land, I was doubtful about the people around me, I doubt men in my country as well 😉 nowhere is safe… and we all know that strangers are dangerous (lame one ;)). Although I was quite comfortable in this new place {I am not kidding it was much better to be there than some of India’s metro cities…no towns…no villages…okay chuck it…I do not feel safe anywhere…something is wrong with me…oh yaa…I am a girl…phew!!! Nothing is wrong with me…it’s all wrong around me}, still I could feel that, I have to be careful, roaming around with a man (this is the epic tragedy of a female brain, when you are alone, you want somebody to be with you and when somebody is with you, the worry is that this somebody should not take your advantage…phew….
Apart from anyone doing any harm to me, I was very cautious about not giving any signals to my guide which might make him interested in me. And why that? No it’s not that I am racist about white people but it was not in my to-do list. I did not come to Holland to date somebody, that to just for 2 weeks… However the company of a guy (A MAN) in an unknown place is a security in itself, I must admit. Actually in any place, it’s good.

So, we took a train from Den Haag and got down at Amsterdam. It was like a dream come true. AMSTERDAAAM. Everyone had given me advice back in Ahmedabad, about this place (none of them have gone there :P) and the ‘THINGS’ I must try here (wink wink**).
While walking out from the station, Merjin asked me,”Do you have a boyfriend?”
I thought, Ohh shitt!!! Why is he asking me this? Should I say yes, and what if he likes me, than he might not be so helpful…or should I say no, then he might flirt with me…ohh gawddd…he must have noticed that I am not getting any calls and messages on my phone regularly…also I am enjoying myself so much that, it does not seem that I miss somebody…shhhee..Should I behave a little nostalgic from now onwards…and blah blah blah…god knows how many questions with their answers came in mind with the blink of an eye.
Finally, I said, “No”. “Why are you asking?”.”Do you have any girlfriend?” I asked in one breath.
“No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
{ohh shit…why}
“I have a boyfriend”, he said and blushed.
“Ohh great!!!” {What the hell!!! He is a gay…wooow…and I was thinking all sorts of things…ohh gowwddd… I am with a gay guy…ohhh shitt…nooo…this is great…now I see, he is wearing cyan shoes and a pink jacket…I should have guessed…a gay guide…I was so happy and relieved}
“So what does your boyfriend do?” I tried to behave as if everything is normal and I go out site seeing with gay people every day.
I exactly do not remember what Merjin said but suddenly I felt a kind of comfort. Now I am perfectly safe. It was the kind of feeling I get when I roam around with a girl but with a lot more secure air around.

In my trip, I had a lot of fun roaming around in the city of Amsterdam, I went in a the steamer boat, which took us in between the city, the famous red light district {surprisingly, there were so many visitors, that it felt like a trip to some zoo, and guess what a whole gang of Indian uncles, marching up and down to red light area, asking about the ticket and timing of the next live ***show}, Van gogh Museum and many other places. During the visit I could discuss everything with my friend and share my surprises with him without being judgmental. And at the same time he could talk to me about everything. There was a kind of easiness… which I never felt with any straight stranger before.

Later when we went back to Den Haag, Merjin told me that he was surprised that I was not surprised to know about his sexual orientation. I told him the truth that when he said, “I have a boyfriend”, my heart beat skipped for once.