The city myth

We all live in myths, some created by recent people and others created by ancient mythical people.

Mumbai rains are beautiful… but sometime it can get on your nerves.
I was coming back from work and could not find any auto rickshaw, after walking few meters, finally I found one and started for home. The road to my home was so busy that the auto driver requested for a U-turn, I agreed and told him to drop me at next U-turn. The U-turn came, I was about to get down, when a 10-11 yr old student asked Autodriver for Jogeshwari (a place ahead from my home but on the same route), Auto driver looked at me, it was clear that he wanted this passenger, (and just now he wanted a U-turn! pfff…) I told him to drop me ahead and let this kid also come in, since he was going to the same direction. The kid happily sat into the auto (must be waiting for a long time!), without even looking at me, he said, “Thank you aunty”. I felt something… (exactly! we all do, right!!!) but I smiled and told him that it’s alright ‘brother’. My stop came and I got down from the auto, now the kid looked at me and said, “Thank you didi”, he was kind of embarrassed. I smiled again and said, it’s okay.

I happily came home thinking of the incident. While sipping on my tea, I thought about the myth of age, and relations. In the small town’s of this country it is disrespectful to call some one by name, people prefer to be called by their relationship, for example brother, uncle, grandma etc. But as we move to metros or big cities, people are scared of words like brother, uncle and aunty… Have you ever wondered why? I mean, If one does not believe in these relationships then why to find them offensive…
I met many people in Mumbai, who even stopped me by using ‘Aap'(a hindi word for You, used for elders or with respect) while I address them, they told me that they are not so old to addressed with “aap”. 

Now lets look at it like this, let’s go back to where it all started. Human made society to form groups and survive together, as other animals were much more powerful than humans, but we had a little more brain than those and of course common sense, otherwise we used to live like monkeys in stone age. This has made  our life easier and their’s difficult. We have formed such big social groups that we have taken over the planet earth, literally apart from the natural calamities, we are controlling everything and everybody. And why can’t we take over the nature, because it’s real, no myth.

Yes, meaning of life also comes from creating myths, we create myths, to add value to our life, to survive.
Just take an example of a leader, we start believing someone is powerful and thus he becomes the leader, the mythical leader I must say. Same way we create families by following various rituals and giving names to relations, these all relations are actually mythical. We as human follow myth one after the other, so that we can set up a social structure and live longer, nothing else.

While doing this process, groups became villages, from villages we graduated to cities and from cities we graduated to metros and all this while the myth of family, leader, job, boss, wife and society kept us going. But why this thing fails after reaching to the pinnacle of its “so-called development state”. Suddenly these things becomes narrow-mindedness and small town mentality, and people start creating more myths, myths about age and success. The myth of success and money is quite old. But myth of age and success is new to me. People want to look young and more than that youngly successful. 

People, in metro cities ver easily say, that they do not believe in the old school nature of social respect. They would not want to called by any relation, because as I just said, they do not believe in so-called respect. Respect can not be given to anyone by calling them uncle, brother, sir or any other title. It comes from ones work or portfolio or money, right? But just think about it… by not accepting these titles, one is not denying to them but accepting their power and what harm they can do to ones image. No bachelor wants to be called brother or uncle and same goes with women, come to Mumbai and you will see how much they hate the word uncle-aunty. So that means these mythical title are actually affecting the cool-metro-crowd. Because they know the titles exists as alive as the human themselves.