देवता (Deity )

(The post has been translated in English below, by the author itself.)

हम लोग जब भी आपस में बैठते थे तो, देवताओं की बातें ज़रूर होती.
ये देवता वो नहीं जो मुकुट और पीले वस्त्र पहनकर हाथों से दिव्य किरने छोड़ते हैं.
ये देवता वो थे जो हम सबने देखे थे, कभी न कभी.


Whenever we used to sit together, we would talk about the deities.
Unlike the Gods, who wear crowns and yellow material, beaming lights all over the place, these Deities were different, these were the ones whom we have seen, at one point of time in our life.

Translation, from the Narrative in illustration.

– “My sister looked up at the window…and”
“It was smiling…heeeeee, without a sound. Its teeth were big”
– “What…? I mean who was it?”
– “Narsingh”
“Its their village- deity, they have not prayed it no… so it used to come again and again”
– “Then? is it bad?”
– “No man! deities are suppose to protect, but you have to pray them, time to time.”