Angry Indian Goddesses – Review

To be honest, when I saw the trailer of this film I was super excited. And I kept following the news regarding it’s previews and launches. So finally when it came  into cinemas in Mumbai, I made sure that I watch the film. It was not easy to catch the screening because most of the preview timings were not suitable. However one fine night I went to watch the film at 11, o clock.
Yeah! late night show… so much effort…

The film started with quite cool montages of different angry women. My curiosity level was going higher and higher, as the film progressed, but then, I was confused that why these women are talking in such a cliché language. Every time the story would try to take a turn and reveal something important, I would guess it. Specially the homosexual relationship part and the mother ignoring child and the happily married unhappy girl and of-course the end.
In fact, as soon as  Nargis arrived in the house, tada!!! I knew that she is the one.

It’s not that I want to criticise the movie or something, trust me, I was very hopeful that something strong is coming in Indian cinema. But I felt just okay! Although the director had made an honest attempt to talk about social issues, women related issues, in the film, but honestly, the story does not give you anything more than what you read in the newspapers about women and their problems .

Sadly, I ended up asking myself that whether this film is also one of those “Slumdog …” kind!!!  which are made for the western audience. As an Indian woman I was definitely looking for something more.



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