The gift of Maggi

300180_10150829004920506_1175654666_nI have read a story of the same name by O Henry. Later I realized that it was Me-Jaa-ii and not maggi (english, I tell you!). However it has nothing to do with what I am thinking right now.

The maggi controversy is taking rounds of social media and television. I was not pay much attention because I don’t eat that much of maggi (though I did have my special moments with this food, after all mountains are full of maggi-points), until yesterday something happened. When purchasing some stuff from a regular shop I overheard a customer asking for Ramdev-Maggi… I was surprised and shocked and confused and everything else… I mean, how fast can media fool a common man and how easily we are ready to accept what “those People” want us to accept. This whole thing is taking a twisted turn like the victim itself.

After this my fingers started itching to write a theory/ observation on this topic, so here we go: If maggi is so dangerous why no one said anything about it for so long… (I am serious not going to talk about why not cigarette or other thing… we don’t choose to be born in a certain way, but some of us do choose to die in certain ways )
1- Are they not greasing enough palms?
2- Is this a sabotage to acquire a world favourite Indian food? and launch something new!!! Or do a negative marketing, get all the other brand under scrutiny and then get a clean chit for self???
3- Are they not selling enough maggi and they want Patanjali to acquire it, so that they can make more money?
4- Or does Patanjali want to take over maggi so that they can make some more money. I am sure after selling yoga, ghee, aatta, biscuit, medicines, toothpaste, toothbrush etc… etc… it grabbed the attention of many big fish and now Patanjali has to make everyone happy… like magi does… everyone has their own maggi in their own style! “Apni maggi”
5- Or is it a deal with china… just imagine swapping some chinese brand with maggi, hmmm… not a bad brotherhood policy.

I am really confused, whatever it is, I must say that the new government is for change and it might get some good to few people and not that-good to the rest.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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