Crows by the window

The crows came on my window…They come everyday… I used to give them food but they are so messy that they will litter it all over my window and also my neighbours window, so I had to stop feeding these crows before anyone starts complaining.
So, it’s not my fault that these crows are not getting food from me, its their own behaviour… right!!!

But they keep visiting me everyday, making noise, talking to each-other about how I have changed… And today it was ridiculous as I tried to scar them away but they would not budge a bit. Now for some reason, these crows made me feel like exactly how I feel at various times, with people (real human beings). They are annoyed if you do certain things and they are annoyed even if you don’t do certain things. So their job is basically to make your life uncomfortable by keep complaining.
We live in a My-Crow-Society.


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