Zindagi gulzar hai

Recently I started writing for tv. Now wait!!! before making any assumption about me, let me make one thing clear, I do not watch tv serial, but yes there are one or two, which are my all time favourite. And all of us have a stomach to fill.

Soon I realised that writing for tv is not bad at all. It’s the after process and effect which made these nice story so dramatic.
I wanted to watch something more realistic kind of tv and by chance I stumbled upon “Zindagi Gulzar hai” a very famous Pakistani tv show.  I belong to post independent generation of India, so my view about pakistan were as good as people told me and media in-forced.

When I started watching this tv serial, I loved its simple setup, daily costumes, realistic make-up and easy camera angles. And the language, wow!!! I felt so refreshed to hear Urdu like a daily use language. I love Urdu for its poetic nature, so for me it was like a Urdu class, when I started watching this show.

There are few things which gave me that “I did not know this” moment. In the serial, no one was wearing Burkha, all the women were dressed up in nice coloured Kurta-Salwar and Jeans-Top. That was the first myth, which was broken. Second working women were wearing Saari, exactly like my mother or any one else. They love chai as much as we do. And the punjabi they talk is so much more soothing than what I hear around me.

The serial was very crisp, no added drama and for my surprise it ended within 26 episodes. In indian tv industry a show is successful when it crossed 470 or so episodes. So writers have to juice out everything to make a serial work. But that’s a different thing altogether.

It is really funny that how we make assumption about others only by listening to popular believes, even films does not portray the true-picture as most of the times films are showing us the dreams and not the reality. Whereas in tv shows we have opportunity to touch the real self. Having said that, I will not recommend any other country people to make assumption about Indian society by watching our tv shows. Most of our tv shows are a medium on entertainment, but it show, the aspiration of our society as well.
So it’s not that they are 100% fiction but the drama is much more compared to a real life situation.
I don’t know if the same thing apply to “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”, is it the true portrayal or their society or not. I hope it is.

After the serial got over, I felt really sad, and I wanted to watch something else, so my next one is “Aunn-Zara”


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