The witnesses of making of History

The internet phenomenon or precisely calling it, facebook phenomenon has given wings to many people and their world. We are able to know beyond the books. Information is not just restricted to certain privileged ones. Everyone is able to be famous and show there interest area. But with the boon comes the responsibility to use it wisely. FB is bombarded with information. I have started switching on the “I don’t want to see this” option for many posts. It was tiring to see so many beautiful places, where I would not be able to go, so many nicely designed objects, which I will never be able to own, such delicious food, which I will never be able to taste. It was just tiring to look at beautiful images. I even “un-followed” certain people who kept sharing some, makemytrip travel sales etc. I was fed up with the requests of “like my page”. If I like something I would press the button myself. I do not celebrate my birthday as such so it is annoying to have requests of Birthday Calenders. We all are running to be famous or celebrities. However, I did notice a good change through social media. Awareness. Options. Truth. Everyone is able to put their comment forward. A country where two teenage girls went to jail for just writing few words about a politician, where big politician still talking about woman as breeding cow, where having gods with various sexuality we look down upon someones sexual preference. In that country anyone is able to put forward their statement, have a conversation over a politician and more then anything we all are talking politics. How did it happen? Surely someone tried to make a difference and used social media as a platform. We realized that people are not just interested in Bollywood and Brands. We do care about poors and farmers. We do want to change the country and the its situation. We are tired of bureaucracy. First time in the history on Independent India there is a 12% increase in voting. It did not happen during Operation Blue Star or Godhara. We are the witnesses of making of  History in India. We have shown that the power is with people and it will remain with people only. We are ready to change our life, country and situation from our very own hand.


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