ओम दर ब दर

एक किस्से को हमने
देखा इस कदर
की गोल- गोल घूमती
रेखाएं गयी बिफर

है फिकर जो मेंढको की
तू नौजवां बेसबर …
ये दास्ताँ-ए-इश्क है
के है हर रोज़ की खबर
गायत्री मंत्र है ऐसा
तू जप निरंतर निडर

रोज की बात नहीं पर
रोजाना की है डगर
अगर मगर और नहीं
रे ओम दर ब दर
ओम दर ब दर

“Om dar ba dar”  is a cult film, which took years to be recognized by its people.
When I first watched this film in my 2nd year of collage in auditorium, I could not understand a thing in it. I was very surprised why people appreciate it or its only for some cool kind of people who understand meaning beyond ordinary.
After some time I saw some more films from all around the world and got familiar with different kind of story telling.
For me, story telling is like mathematics. Most of the people deal with only basics of it, but there is much more to it, there is algebra, trigonometry,calculus and many other higher forms to reached “hence proved” one has to assume something and create calculations out of nowhere.


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