Mumbai :Life

If you have lived in Mumbai ever, you know what I am going to talk about here,
Mumbai, the city which has space for anyone and everyone. It makes you feel comfortable, you can be yourself, you can have influential friends without being super rich.
The city where your half the life lived in traffic jams.

The property bubble has not burst yet. Outsider can not afford to have their own room forget about buying a house.
I myself looking for another accommodation in every six months, so when my friend came to me for an artwork to find a house for him… look what I made

Jetly needs a house


2 thoughts on “Mumbai :Life”

  1. Guys!! This is super awesome.. actually I relate to this totally.. I myself had to shift three places in last two years.. n my hunt continues… however, honestly this time I have lost that enthusiasm, excitement, hope (yes!! 😦 just don’t get the right thing which u can call like u belong!) Arun.. All the best for your hunt.. after party or no after party.. but if u find any place even closer to pics u have posted.. I wana see it (definitely wud feel jealous that u got the one of the best available mebe..but more than that its gwud help me revive my long lost hope
    !!) Cheers guys.. good luck!! 🙂

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