Art and Design

What is art and what is design?
Since the 2nd year of NID, I have been trying to find answer of this question. The most simple and straight forward answer was the art is done for oneself and design is for masses.
Design should be a problem solving process; it could be functional or visual, right!!!
Where as art is allowed to create problems.

In design, “the” designers want everyone to appreciate their so called solution and have a unanimous public acceptance, but the designers always want to be exclusive and they should have very special taste or shoes, any one of these is mandatory.
The Artist is a very common man with super uncommon vision and ideas about everything which passes they way. He understands the pain of common man and problems of society, he also understands his personal fight, which takes place after every half an hour.

There is a funny relation between these two.  The boundaries of art and design are merging. They have to man!!!  A designer, have to go through so much of trouble to make some idiot client to approve a logo, God knows how many sketches and vectors and reference etc etc … have to be prepared… and our dear artist just put three dot on an a5 size paper and gets same amount of money as designer’s 3 month’s salary.
And on top of that our dear artist takes the freelance of book design also… from some big fat artist… who else. But whatever you say, “It takes just first day of first job to a designer to be cool and elite, where as artist has to ragaadoo god knows how many years to reach that level of …whatever.”

Still the question is same… what makes both of them different… when both of them  have to start their work with doodling or referencing.


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