ईमान और ईनाम- Moral and Awards

The name of this post is very interesting for the people who can read in Hindi. It has two letters swapping their place and the whole meaning changes however they do sound somewhat same. I was going through my facebook wall and I saw a post from well known writer Advaita Kala with a picture. The picture has a trophy of TOIA and the background was Vancouver. I just wonder sometimes that why these people has to go abroad to celebrate their so called achievements, does any of that firang town (people, I mean – local people…I know for sure they must be calling all the big fish of the town, and for these big fish, it would be like visiting another Indian theater…I am just guessing…:P) are really aware about these events.
And in any case for all the shoots and vacations these people go to abroad only… Ohh yes, they have to show it to the world, and the real world is white out there… oopss!!! I mean right out there.

This whole thought was doing rounds of my head, when I remembered a play called A walk in the woods, directed by Ratna Pathak Shah and enacted by Rajit Kapoor & Nasiruddin Shah. It’s about two negotiators Jamaluddin Lutfullah and Ram Chinappa, Pakistani and Indian.
They are talking about very serious issues about Indian and Pakistan; sitting in Geneva, Switzerland. They are talking about some very serious negotiations for both the countries to stop unfriendly activities from both the sides. In the play I loved a line by Naseer, when he says that both the countries have sent them so far in the luxurious place like Geneva, where they are like tourists and can actually be indifferent with the real situations, have a nice place to stay at, good wine and food to savor and then…boom!!! Talk about the national issues having your fancy suits on.

Some how I feel we Indians do not respect our own selves… We all are the santan(children) of Hanuman of We need somebody else to tell us or give us reward to make ourselves feel proud (it’s a different story that Hanuman was Bal brahmachari (unmarried forever).

Anyways now these awards hardly make any sense because every single entity (tv channels/ communities/ newspapers/ government) thinks that they are eligible of rewarding or in more precise words judging the bollywood people. Will anybody tell me who gave them right to award people?


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