Long lustrous tale

I like my hair; I can grow them into long silky rope.
But I have cut them short, not like boy cut or army-cut. I have a really stylish hairdo. There is no hassle of tying a pony tail or wearing a hair band, it’s just comfortable and beautiful.
This is not what I felt, it’s told to me by the women. Yes, I do cut my hair short but after a while I wanted to grow them back, as many of my friends (yeah yeah, you are right, the guy friends) kept asking me, what went wrong? Did I break-up? Or you have become modern mumbaiyya or god knows what all, but hello!! I had short hair even when I was in a small hilly town.
Apart from this the guy-longhair shit, I got so many compliments from the girls and women and old ladies. Not in some party or a function, in random street shopping, local trains travel, walking in the street, in the mall- waiting outside the washroom. Some lady will come smiling to me, “Lovely haircut”, I wish I could do that.” And this was the first time in my life I got so many compliments from the females. Being a girl I know how difficult is it to digest that someone is looking better than you(no offence ladies…but we all know the reality ;)). So wow… What is happening, I saw myself in the mirror and realize…naah, I donn look so different …then what is the thing… with all these ladies giving my hair so much ‘bhav’.
These incidents made me think, what is it? I agree that the hair style suits me but it cannot be just about that, otherwise I would have got so many compliments from guys as well. Ha!!!
After thinking again and again I realized women want to cut their hair short. It’s very liberating. Imagine how much time one can save and money. In India, getting such an encouraging response was awesome. But a friend of mine from Italy told me that I have a courageous hairstyle; I was like, “wow” and feels like I just did something to win a bravery award.
I myself realize that with shorthair, not many men have guts to flirt around you. Does it scar them? Does it say this woman is independent and she is not going to take any shit from you?

Now if women want short hair why are not they going for it? Why?
The whole question of society and the role of a woman always come with long hair. In cinemas, ad films, stories or daily life, people want women with long hair, but from my personal experience women would go short if they can, so who are these people? Why we have to be in a certain way to please these people? These people have written long-long poetries about the long hair of women, they want to get lost in the lustrous lengths, they want to sleep under the shadow of them, and they want to comb it for you, put flowers in it. All their fantasies get real with the long hair.
The question is very intriguing, man and woman’s hair. Long back I have read in a survey that short hair women are threatening. Studies shows that the number of long hair women is much more then short one to be victim physical assaults. Isn’t it easy to grab a woman by her hair?


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