Reading Satyajit Ray: Feluda


I would love to born as a Bengali, just to read Satyajit Ray. It’s not that I cannot learn Bengali. I can, but then it would be the same thing as I feel with English. Translation.

Since last few months Feluda, the detective is my companion in the loo. Yes, you are right :P, I love reading the stories when I go to the loo.
Most of the accidents, which Felu deals with, happened in Indian context and that’s why it’s more close to me than any other detective stories. Though it is some where influenced by Sherlock Homes.
I have read other stories of Satyajit Ray as well. Since (I feel) he is the most talented fiction writer.
But there is one thing which pinched me while reading his stories. The woman.
Yes. They are not there!  There is hardly any woman in Feluda’s stories. Most of the characters are old rich people, widowed or bachelors like Feluda. There are many characters which gets involved in the stories as they unfold, but again all men. I felt wow!!! Either women are so naïve to get into any trouble or it is a trouble itself to get any woman into the picture.

If you see around us, there are many females who get into trouble every now and then and some are quite capable also to make your life hell, so why is it that Ray did not touch the subject?

Today only I read in the introduction that, the book is for younger audience and that’s why it has been kept very simple without any love or sex angles, violence etc. Which is a very good thought. But I also feel that keeping woman as an alien for young kids is also not a very good idea.  By the time they grow up as a teen ager, I think (just me) that they already are so unaware of the other half of the society that it becomes a point of curiosity for them (my personal opinion). Apart from dealing with hormonal changes in body, as a human being female does become somebody else.

Or may be woman is a complicated subject to deal with. It might take years to a detective to figure out whats going on in her head (even I don’t know). But somehow I feel that if we start dealing with woman as a normal phenomenon (actually it is a phenomenon, trust me) from an early age. Life would become simpler for us and you.


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