Reading Manto: 01 Khusia

Khusia was the boy, who introduced me to Manto.
When I first read khusia, i sympathized with him. Growing up in such an odd circumstances can lead your life to an imaginary world. Where things are different.
When people talk about prostitutes and the people around them, they call it reality. And if you do not know this, you are actually staying in your own world where things are normal.
But one question keep coming to me again and again if that is reality, then what is it I am living in?
Khusia grw up with prostitutes, and he knew what they like, what their routine is and how they dress for different occasion. But when he started turning into a man from a teenage guy, he actually felt that he is not khusia, who helps around these women in day to day life.
He is a man.
In that society, the women were man and they treated khusia like a has nothing to do with sexuality…. I am talking about the male ego. Women is earning in that society so they have the ego… and they can choose to sleep with boys/men like khusia or reject them.
It was like a shock to Khusia when he realize that these women do not consider him a man.
And then he has to decide what to do… what he does .. I would not reveal here 🙂



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