Reading Manto: 00

My love for writing was bugging me so much that I was not able to write.
It was really funny that how I wanted to write, desperately… something, anything… but i did not know how to start it. I will pick up a pen and diary, and suddenly i will feel thirsty and run to the kitchen, on the way back to my room there is a mirror  and everyone knows what happens when a girl passes by a mirror…pff… every priority changes… I noticed a small pimple on my face… i went close to mirror and checked how bad is it… i wanted to pinch it but then i thought it will leave a mark… and then i noticed black heads on y nose.. ohh my god… i have to go for a facial or a clean up… ahhh….

Shitt!!! i am suppose to write..

Okay.. okay.. the facial can wait… i have to write…

So writing is not easy… I thought of reading then… I love hindi writers… so much that i can read their work in english also….
I got two fat books on manto…his short stories.
So every now and then i read those stories… before i go to sleep… in loo… on break … in trains….all the time…i even bought a small battery LED lamp, so when i go to sleep i can read the stories till my eyes are heavy with the sleep.

So here I go to write about the dream writer of all the wanna be indian film, writing, theatre and critic, including me for sure.

I have heard of Manto but I never read him, i have heard that he is quite a drama and very open in terms of writing. So it happened one day one of my NID acquaintance asked me to work on her student film, called Khusia based on a story about Sahadat hassan Manto.
I did that film and liked the story, though it was not completely how Manto has written it, somewhat inspired from his many stories and named after one of his character.


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