Handwriting and Type

Working on a Typeface is something, every (on an average) graphic designer wants to do.
And why only Graphic designers, anybody who can draw and write wants to digitize his/ her handwriting (the funny part is none of them know that it’s not a child’s play… they just think they will do it when they will get the chance…hahahhaa).

So,I am designing my hand-written typeface (trust me it’s not like making round chapatis… like perfect circle…nope), keeping my self updated with the trends of Typefaces and fonts.
Recently I came across this;
I noticed that there are so many handwritten typefaces, which are getting popularity among new/old design professionals and clients.

Now the observation take a nice turn,
I met, a senior teacher few days ago, she told me that, she is so use to typing that when she sat to write a to do list, of-course she wrote…( she is very educated) but she was not able to read her own hand writing when she went to check the list….So, did you get what I am trying to say here, she got use to reading the digital type so much that handwriting recognition ability got lost… scary…

Then after a while, I realized that people do enjoy handwriting more then superbly mechanical type, so that could be one reason, why handwritten type is getting famous.

Imagine, after a while people would not be able to write as everybody would be typing (since birth itself…) and then being highly hypocrite, we will make handwritten typefaces famous… it gives that personal touch… hahahhaa (fake laugh)…


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