Old Heros

Recently while reading the newspaper one very important fact caught my attention. All the printable heroes are old. Printable means, one who comes in newspaper or currency and now a days in T-shirts as well. In the newspaper there was an image where somebody is holding a statue of Gandhi, with half Anna Hazare, they both have matching features.
It’s not that we do not have young heroes but some how we all have a mentality or may be habit, we wait till the person gets old, gets a lot of wrinkles (they give depth to the image), plain clothes and teeth-less.
People like Ruskin Bond became famous in their distinctly recognizable age… but no!!! if we have to make a stamp on him… we will used a wrinkled face… and the difference between Sardar Patel and Ruskin in duo-tone/ b&w would be none…
Thats a different story that film-stars remain young in their images (imagine if we use old images of Kapoor family ….all old Kapoors look same…)
I donno…. its a quite lame observation but now I think we should think about it… after Lakshmibai and Bhagat Singh, we do not have enough young faces to keep us going. That is also true that we make somebody hero when he/she die…politicians are very careful about their diet so, them dying early is out of question. pfff…. its so irritating we can’t even kill somebody to get a young face for society.
Ohh I just got reminded of a young person… who is dying… or may be we all are waiting her to die… Irom Sharmila. She is fighting (fasting) since last 10 years… and I donno how many of us know about her… donn worry ppl…. when she will not be around … we all will be wearing t-shirts of her face on our chest.


One thought on “Old Heros”

  1. she’s have fasted to death years ago. and died young, at that. a young martyr, as per what you seem to demand. but the government incarcerated her on the grounds of preventing suicide, put her on IV fluids, and compelled her to stay alive. so yeah, she’s not going to be a “young martyr” any soon.
    it’s a little shocking to see how we are “expecting a martyr”, no? a little funny too, but mostly, sad.

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