I love fridays…
They are white in color (according to Hindu astrology).
It’s a day when you feel chilled out… Cause weekend is coming… I hate weekends (especially in mumbai, when everybody is free on sat-sun and the whole weekend becomes toooooo busy… )
So ya, I would love it, if the week will start on Friday… and wed-thu becomes holiday… i know you must be thinking taht then everything will become same, the same system will come and we will hate friday then… but imagine… it will take a while to feel bad about friday… and as i told you before that friday is a tranquil day so it would not make us uncomfortable… for a fact monday represents moon and it should be calm as well but as we all know that moon has its moods so… you can’t trust on it as such… and then come tuesday… which is again red… very very hyper…. where as friday belongs to Santoshi maa (go to youtube for that famous Santoshi maa bhajan). Santosh mean contempt … so there is no way you ca feel bad about friday… 🙂


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