God of Relations

We have God of money, prosperity, security, education, rain, food, celebration, fire, earth, animal, jungle and what not?
How about having a god of relations !!! Some power which can take care of all complications of human mind and behavior.
What it will look like? Will it be a machine or some body who looks like one of those mythological character.
I s it possible to have it with a form or is it going to be just a sound .. sound of our inner-self… something like soul… I donno!!!

When the great natural power made human. They poured a potion of emotions inside.
The potion was one, but it reacts differently with different human being. Depending upon the time of their birth.
The celestial bodies affect human and nature in some or other way. Though we human are made of same material but we are different from each other because the percentage of matters is different in everybody.
So the great natural power has to keep a caretaker of this potion of emotions.
The caretaker’s job is to take care of effect or side-effects of this potion. When the potion starts over powering the other humanly sensibilities… we make mistakes and this affects our day to day life and so on so forth the upcoming future…

The care taker called the God of Relations. In human life we born with relations and as we go further we keep making more and more relations… the potion of emotion becomes more and more active in our body. So whenever there is any problem related to human-relations, The God of Relations comes handy.


2 thoughts on “God of Relations”

  1. This has quite the trappings of a modern mythological story. A lesser-known god; a chemist of human emotions and hormones, the one selecting the branches and lines that form a family tree, affecting interactions and magnetisms between people.

    A graphic novel in the making?

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