Arna’s Children

Juliano Mer Khamis’ documentary on his mother, Arna, an activist against the Israeli occupation who founded an alternative education system for Palestinian children.
I went to watch this film at Prithvi theater by Vikalp (Vikalp: Films for Freedom in collaboration with Prithvi Theatre).
The film talks about this Jew female Arna and her initiative, struggle to give an alternative way to the Palestinian children to fight against war and unjust… In the movie one can see the kids growing to become adult soldier and then martyr.
The best part I liked about the film was that how nicely Palestinian accepted Arna… although she was a Jew. Secondly, in documentary one can see easily that how badly war had affected the people… mothers are telling blatantly that there son should go…fight…and die.
The Palestinians are still strong…fighting against Israel… their houses and schools have become their bunkers…

It’s a must watch film…


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