Oh my God

When I was a kid… I lived in a place where lots of temple use to around.
But going to the temple used to be a kind of mission as the famous temples were pretty far and one has to climb up many stairs to reach the God.
Once you reach to the temple, the feeling actually used to be very pleasant… as if you have achieved something.
I always wonder why God likes to live in such an non accessible place (ya..ya.. i agree he does not like to be with us.. his own mistakes !!! )
But somehow I felt he wanted to check our devotion… and thats y when u go to these far located places… it feels great… Even the temples are very elaborated and nicely made. I have seen some temples carved out of single stone or made out of granite slabs… they feel magnificent and one cant feel the difference between normal houses and these temples.
Now when I am staying in a city I just donn feel like going to temples… the feeling of calmness and devotion just does not come to me… it’s not that all social and physiological studies have done their job and made me atheist… no way… I am a blind believer… Still I don’t cut my hair on Tuesdays… and nails too!!!
But that feeling of nothingness (I mean nothing beyond the super power… or Nirvana or tiredness after climbing many steps…) is just missing.
Recently I visited one temple (because my mum said it lunar-eclipse and you should say hi to Gods…so they will keep you in their friend list), the floor was made out of white granite and all the idols were made out of Black sand stone or something similar (sorry… I am not into stones that much… ( just my birth stones should work properly). So ya, this temple was full white marbled floor and stainless steel furnished… thick pipes of stainless steel… I was just wondering what God must be thinking inside that place …………as they are use to difficult surroundings and cleaner weather…(beg your pardon but I am only talking about Hindu Gods, who live in High mountains).

So here comes another confusion god made us or we made the god…

to be continued…


One thought on “Oh my God”

  1. Oh I know what exactly you’re talking about. I was brought up in a similar environment where we visit temples every saturday or any occasion. My home town(Udumalpet) was near Palani which has a temple one the mountain top. We used to walk from Udumalpet to Palani (36 kms) once in every year (our home town version of pilgrimage, if you call it that) and we use to feel so good coz we took the pain of walking all the way and worshiping. And when I graduated, moved to metro and had access to Internet and talking to some open minded ppl for a change, it all changed. Now I’m really into sensible-design/psychology/psychiatry/psychotherapy sorta books, and yes I turned by back on adeity, I’m an atheist now (pantheist i’d say).

    Even after the dogma being long gone, there is this empty area in my head which never was addressed. When I visit temples (occasionally) going along with my friends to do the worshiping and circling 3 times, and then that part of my mind feels like its touched, I feel such a relief! (i know it sounds hypocrite-like going to temple being an athiest, but it’s not, it’s for a very specific reason). It’s the moment I get my hands together and say in my mind “Oh god save the world”, I feel so much better all of a sudden. It’s like a confession of some sort, gives such a release. I guess our mind is wired to give us that feeling when we lose control/responsibility to someone unknown/powerful (atleast thats what we perceive) above us, regardless of that existing or not. mystery tho, isn’t it?

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