oh shit not again…

I know i know even you got excited and tempted to read…. the title is like that….
but crushing all your expectation i have to declare that this post is a review of a book called ‘oh shit not again’…

So why I decided to write this post??? I want to spread awareness………… and let people know that if you see this book and tend to think that one nice, hilarious comedy (which is exactly the reason i spend Rs.150/, hard earned money on this printed material) please go through first five pages.

Review: The Story takes place in Pune. It revolves around these four ppl… no five  (see the fifth character is almost negligible…) who are friends, these guy are young population of our country (it was very upsetting to see them doing nothing …even in the printed text).
One or sometimes two of them get into a random trouble… and it seems either they all are new to the town or the people of town don’t give a shit to their troubles (in the story some guys were misbehaving with one of the girl and it seems that nobody did nothing… and the boyfriend had to go to the hospital… i mean… where is Jai Maharashtra… ppl come for help if someone is trying to bully you…).
The lead hero (as we can call him), is so jobless that he ends up peeping around peoples house, looking for body parts of female gender of any age or cast. The lead is narrating the story and after every paragraph… it feels that he is mentally sick… (wtf man!!! is there only one thing in the world to think of or what). The other two character are geeks and they fall in love with each other (no..re… its not homosexuality… two geeks…one girl and one guy…fine). The girl friend of the hero seems to be a pretty(dumb) thing (like all the pretty dumb things…hahaa). She reminded me one of those hindi films where heroine has to be beautiful, she has to dress up all the time and wear layers of make-up. Then there is a fat giant (that negligible guy…), who keeps troubling the hero (according to the hero)… i felt, l he was just a normal Indian neighbor… who are interested in everything about your life… even your chaddis…for that matter.

The story tries to give you a suspense thriller also (and fall flat on it’s face).
I had to read the book (with poor english..imagine worse then mine!!!) as it used to be the only readable material in my bag, on my way to office… long mumbai local journey…
But trust me I could not finish it as its too much to read about female figure in every second para, that to described in a very boring manner…
repeatedly the same text (i think he got used to cnt+C and cnt+V).
And after every 3 pages I end up saying, oh shit not again.

Please do not waste your time and money on this book.


One thought on “oh shit not again…”

  1. Yeah I picked up the book from a roadside vendor and immediately regretted it…
    I was experimenting with indian authors and there were a few I liked a lot…
    Try ‘keep the change’ by nirupama subramanium (I hope I remember the name correctly). very nicely written.
    ‘Immortals of meluha’ has its moments but is good only in parts..

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