After trying really hard and waking up early morning could not get me a train ticket so I had to take a bus.
I was overly sure that my bus-journey is going to be pretty bad as I could not even get a bus-ticket of AC bus.
I took a ticket of Uttar-Pradesh Parivahan, minimum fare. I tried to make myself happy that at-least I am saving on money.
I took a window seat. The first double seat (in local buses you can not wish some cute-sweet guy to come and sit next to you so I kept my bag on the other seat and moved it only when a girl came and asked me to move :).

And the bus started… The bus left early morning… leaving the mountains behind… but wind was still a little cold and we crossed the border of Uttarakhand…
road was still giving a hint of being from the hills as it kept twisting and turning till we reached Roorkee.
At the bus-stand people were eating all sorts of chat and gola… UP is pretty famous for its snacks… (I donno why the little neighbor Uttarakhand is not learning to have some more masala in its plate. Uttarakhand being a hill state is very chilled. Suraj aast banda mast!!! but the story of female-power is different over there…).

So coming to the right track… I crossed Roorkie, chutmatpur (i donn know the history of its name, but its very funny…), sahanpur, meerut and gaziabad.
Till Saharanpur I had great time as the bus passed through some green area of UP. There is a demand of Harit Pradesh by the people of Brij region. And it was quite pleasant to see never ending green fields, mud-houses and heaps of cow dung cake.
I even got amused by the names of the places like Purkazi. Most of the time ‘pur’ comes later like, saharanpur, kanpur, rajpur etc… but here its pur+kazi.

to be cont…


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