food it is…

I got sick of my office food and decided to move on a healthy diet. I know its next to impossible.

So recently I started paying attention to what I eat… more then that I started noticing how (ridiculously) people are very concern about their food… they will have boiled veggies… no spicy daal, fish, salad extra extra (the weekend alcohol… please gimme a break… let me live my own life… shut up…).

I was really surprised how maticulous they are about food… when I asked them about having paani-puri at the road side stall…. are you nuts !!! your stomuch will go and you wont be able to come to office and then you have to take another leave and so on and so forth… then we go to some super clean (overly charged… restaurant management think all tatas and birlas are walking around the city…) restaurant… 4 paani puris for 65 … i mean … what the… okk… chuck it!!!
To be true, I think the people who eat at road side stall… they are healthier … (Attention please- if you are a doctor or related to health department…kindly stop reading now… I do not want freedom of speech to clash with the ideology of health). The theory is survival of the sickest… (btw its a very famous book :)…so once I was thinking of all these aspects of health and life… I realize that however clean green you eat (now people are hampering your mind about GM food and organic farming…Omg !! even being a pure vegetarian is not gonna help… we all will die and will have diseases whether you eat goat or cabbage… huh!!! kindly do not take all this very seriously… the confusion about good food and bad food and what are we eating can lead to harsh thoughts… at the end of the day we all are human… we all are pessimist… human is error…. we always see the half empty glass (of beer)…
ohh I again lost the track… so how they road side customer can save himself better then the other one ;)… for example I had paani-puri on the road… i went home… my stomach starts hurting (and starts making sounds too)… then I have loosies and ….ta daa… next day I am ready with a brand new empty stomach….road side stuff effect so fast that you donn even waste one single chutti… at the same time the glassy-richy restaurant food will affect slowly and it will take its own sweet time (the same way riches behave) and by the time you even realize that something is wrong…you get all these big-big diseases like stomach0infaction etc etc…

anyways the problem remains the same… what should you eat… to feel healthy… when everything is mixed of something else… i think we should just eat…and stop thinking…


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