I met a girl who was not well…
Whenever anybody wanted to show any sympathy towards her ( areeee ramm!!!), she would be very angry and would reply that she is all well (..coughing and heavily breathing…).
I know not accepting your weaknesses is very good… it gives you courage and all that which can make you survive through the tough time…
But just imagine what if you just, simply accept your weakness!!! first of all, people will stop bugging you (I am not asking you to cry about your weaknesses …ok!!!). Secondly you will have to use lesser energy (ya… correct… now you do not need to shout that “I am fine”). Then life will be very easy for you, cause your weaknesses will be a part of life and ’cause you know about them…they will be your buddies (you can even go swimming with them…:).
You can easily say, yes… I am like this… and I know it does not matter… everybody has something or other which is not accepted by the society…
It’s just not so easy to do it… (I like writing so i will write about it… hehhehheee… it’s an easy way to communicate… ahhh!!! preaching and teaching…). But it’s easier to accept then not to accept… atleast then you don’t have to fight against it … and don’t have to listen all those things..” make your weaknesses your power… why? … let the power be power and let the weakness have it’s own character … you have no right to change something’s existence…
oops!!! … a bit wrong track… sorry for your inconvenience… so ya!!! accept and don’t regret… don’t fight… let the life come easily… it’s not wrong to be ill…. it’s not wrong to be poor (only if you are in a communist state)… nobody is perfect ( and you are not NOBODY)


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