Kindly read the previous post to enjoy the most.

So when the doc told me that I need specs… (of course I did not like it… I hate specs even goggles…)
I came back home and got an eye check-up done. Bought a pair of spectacle.
The first expression was… Oh my god… these sign boards are not badly painted, they do have a crisp outline and nice finish (I started believing that all these sign boards and printed boards are not done carefully and I use to blame people not having a sense of responsibility and blah..blah.. blah… but I realized that it was me who can not see things properly… Conclusion: kabhi khudd ke girbaan mein bhi jhhank kar dekho bhaijaan !!!). So since then I became better and better in english reading… and i could watch a hell lot of foreign films with subtitles…
But I also realized that its always good to have blur ’cause one can not make out what is actually wrong everything looks like a pastel palate of color and some how one does not want to jump into this color – blur as he does not know where will he end up…
so we end up appreciating/ criticizing this blur (I guess thats what happening with west when they look at our country… wow!!! beautiful colors… but once the glasses are on… hahaha…).

It’s just not about one place or subject… Everything looks great when its far and blurred. People keep asking me why on earth I left my beautiful town and roaming around the noisy, polluted, busy and crowded cities…
I would love to tell them that, Door ke dhol suhawane lagte hain (Literal translation: The drum beats sound pleasant to ears from a far distance…).


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