I love nature cause, it’s blur!!!

Once upon a time (not very long ago…) I went to watch a french movie in Auditorium… I could not focus on the story… as I was not able to read everything… it was evening and after a long day i was tired… anyways my english reading capacity is worse, when the medium is screen… (and understanding capacity is same for all the mediums… i donn get anything!!!… i donno why ppl still want to be Shakespeare…).
So after watching first few minutes I slept and blamed my ill-understanding of reading english for this… I was excited to watch French film… in the beginning only… later I realized that they are not mend to watched for a person who comes from the place of river Ganga… pious, clean, innocent etc..etc… If anybody would have seen me watching these kinds of films… they would comment… Ohh my God!!! tum bigad rahe ho… you have changed and blah blah blah… Sometimes I feel people are so confused that they dont even know what are they talking about… so what do they do??? they confuse you… ’cause !!! then they can feel sorted … what happened to you… I donn give a ****.
So ya!!! these super confused ppl will firstly will tell you to open up your world view and watch all sorts of not-so-watchable films… and then when they see you coming out… you have changed!!!

Coming back to Auditorium movies… these movies keep giving me beatitudes and a feeling that i donn understand english!!!
One day I had a bad headache and my Homeopathy doctor…( do not get amazed ok… yes homeopathy exist… and the same way… in a small old house… same old deserted government office… its way cheaper and helpful… and sweet… better then all your whatever!!! and mind this… it can cure everything … and its not psychology based) told me to go for an eye check-up… I found that I need specs and (what happened next…. keep reading!!!)

to be continued…..


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