What all a new place can give you?
New people, new air, new environment and new problems!!!
When the problem is “on the face”, you just can not ignore it.
I got pimples… yaa !! i know it seems a post about teen-age crisis… but its more than that… its about life and how a small dot can change it up side down…
So I got bombarded (literally) with these tiny mounds …
I prefer to look at everything positively so I tried to do the same in this case.
Here, I would like to add one more narrative to the story… I met a lot of new people and with my experience I call them pim-pals.
So back to the story… when do you get the pimples?… when you are going through your teens, that means you are still young… or if someone has a crush on you (thats what barbie girls have told me… and they are good in this ooohh-lalaa stuff), my gowddd !!! so many crushes (I guess, it counts all the panwalas, chaiwalas, the guy behind the ticket counter… the vendor who comes to ladies compartment everyday!!! many guys u see…)… same thing happened in space around me also, I made so many new friends, acquaintances etcetera… etcetera…. they make you feel young and all… (like pimples….) , they make you feel, the responsibility of their being around (when you eat oily, u get pimples, same way…), its you… who dragged them near!!!
And you feel… oh my god!!! people like me 😀 😀 😀 (facebook status)

But as time passes you pimples start itching and (same with these pals….) and if you scratch them you bleed (same with those pals… they make you feel so bad, that you just want to scratch them out… and after scratching you get a mark… forever). (It does not seem to be a very positive writing though….. deep breath ….haaaaa)
So ya, you have to be very careful about these tiny things, I know most of the time even medicine does not work… then what!!! to keep your calm… do Yog ( let me tell you it’s not Yoga… its Yog…i hate it when people try to make it sound cool… it’s not cool… it takes a lot of air to do it… a lot of hard work… waking up early morning…so..english grammar has issues , we all know it…okay)… it helps clearing your stomach and mind… (calm down).


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