My Poster will save the World

Hello I am a graphic Designer.
I know Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign… (I just know how to work with them… donn even dare to ask me about scipting, do I look like a software geek… we are cool people….blah!!!)
I happened to born in India so (and technically) I can not work in small cities (people there, will just not understand us…man’). I have to work in Metros, though it takes everything from me, i have hundreds of facebook friends… it does nt matter if they exist or not…
I sit on my chair and in front of my computer every day to do something revolutionary.
As I see people doing revolutions through facebook.
We** spread awareness about every issue around … and we talk about it… comment over comment… it does nt matter wether it goes forward or not we (**conditions apply) do our job… now its upto ppl to do their job… (Dude… I have voted  for so many ppl so many times… it just does not matter wether I am 18+ or not… or I have gone for actual voting or not… who cares…).

But I want to save the world and outside is filthy and dirty… so I have decided to save the world through my poster…
I will religiously make one cause poster every week and post it to all social sites and will send the link to all the friends and will get many likes and thats it visual communication …. done!!!
What??? it does not work that way… hello!!! it does… I already got 11 likes in 9 minutes..
But (will be continued…)


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