1st class Gandhari

Note : If you belong to Mumbai, and do not represent the super rich class… (basically if you are Mumbaiyya common man) kindly skip the first few lines.

In Mumabai, if you have to reach anywhere on time you have to take Mumbai Local trains, they are the fastest and cheapest transport. There are 2 classes in this system 1st class and 2nd class. And the difference between them is quite noticeable. ( I have told you Mumbaiyya ppl do not read this as you already know it.)

When I came to Mumbai, I have to get use to this local system as my surname is neither Ambani nor Birla. When I first bought the ticket I used the coupons which you can use only in 2nd class but I saved time as there is no standing in lines stuff…
So my journeys started in 2nd class compartment where I realized the women-power does exist. And the ladies who travel in 2nd class can actually get into Indian army. They have that kind of aggression which can scare shit out of anybody… they have big nails so you can put some poison on them and can murder anyone on this planet… And apart from everything else when you see nicely saree claded woman or 60 years old lady or well educated (looking) girl opens up her mouth to shout, you feel like staying away from them…
It took me more then a month to realize that I do not belong to this female warrior clan. I can’t fight back. Not happening !!!

Then I bought a pass for 1st class compartment.
First day it took me time to find the compartment as its rare… As soon as I found the dabba… and I entered … I saw Gandhari and not just one… many… almost all of them…
Now do not get confused, thinking that I might have gone to Handicapped compartment… I  peeped out and it says 1st class.
All the women were wearing big-big goggles !!! retro style… no expression on face… straight back… who comes who goes …. i donn give a f***.
For a while I was taken back… most of them were reading some novels… Jeffery Archer… Time will tell (I swear 3 girls were reading the same book … on row…)… glasses on… (white paper reflect light… you know naa…. you need to take care of your eyes…)

So thats how I met 1st class Gandharis. not Blind but dead face expression… exactly opposite then warrior clan (they can make faces for everything… everything!!!). So here I am traveling with two completely different kind of crowds …
(more coming….)


7 thoughts on “1st class Gandhari”

  1. hellozee
    looks like ur getting the full mumbai treatment
    and i must say, i have also observed wayyy to many ppl (in ladies 1st dabba) reading time will tell 😕 rather intriguing but im glad they’ve moved on from those chetan bhagat type books 😛

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