Hair the Layer…

On day a friend of mine complimented me on my hair (I have combed them after washing..). It was the day when I started believing that I have at least one special feature in me.
Its an old story, when I use to be a tomboy. Since  then life has come to a long way, figuring out new stuff to appreciate and believe.

How can hair came as a topic in my head for writing this post… simple… its on my head all the time !!!

Jokes apart… This filamentous bio material, is a composed of protein, notably keratin. So this Keratin not only saves your body from dust but also plays an important part to make your social image.  I’ll call it hair to make my life easier.

One haircut can change your life (I guess that is the reason when you go for a drastic hair style change, people think you broke up with your..ahem!!).
And I have noticed this reaction* of people many a time (*terms and conditions not applied on the author…)

Being a graphic designer I can explain it in terms of composition.
So if your hair-cut makes a good composition helping hiding your big forehead and square jawline… you will be a different personality all-together.
Once in NID I attended a course called ‘illusions of life’. That was the first time when I was jobless as a student just roaming around and figuring the deeper meaning of life (still The search is on… man is mortal & woman stays there forever, in your nightmares…huhaaaahahaa).
So in this course I figured that every thing has layer of something and it always depends on you which layer you want to reveal. The world will perceive you, in that vary form.

Coming back to the hair-story. I use to think that changing your hair-style and all, is waste of money and time. I even made fun of my friends (Now they make fun of me…Karma…always comes back to you).
But its not always like that (yes…yes… you need deep pockets anyway). In certain situations (of course the metro cities…) it works like your another layer. And your hair tell a lot about your personality (not always right… but we can give it a shot). For example, short haird woman is considered to be independent and self-sufficient (  wait !!! don’t go and chop your lustrous locks… I said it depends… mentality… study…reading…okk). The long hair are considered to be good… desired by men ( Baal to ladki ka gahna hote hain…).

So this layer of human body is actually gifted to us and no matter what we should let it play an important part in our life (kabhi-kabhi khane mein bhi aa jaye to koi baat nahi…at the end of the day its protein!!). Treat it like a tool for your personality….  Just like the clothes and shoes we were, make a huge difference in our character (kindly refer to the post put yourself into my shoes for the same…). Like the brands make our presence in public (ohh… its Puma… original…kkkool…). Our hair can make a statement about our presence.
Just imagine if you can have a brand-tag on your hair too.
“My hair protein is made in Italy.”
“Thank God I do not wear the cheap made in china hair.”
And there can be a tag hanging back of your head shouting the cool brand of your hair…
That would not be a great idea.
Though our hair oil anyways spills the beans about that coconut oil… (wind blows and you just know which brand…), but its very good for your scalp… (just wash it off the next morning…humble suggestion).

So in the end I would love to do something (which do not leave me bankrupt…) with the protein on my head… 🙂


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