Release & Relief

I love talking… Silence is too difficult to handle.
Many a time I ask people what is the best activity they enjoy doing…
Some stare at sky, some love bird-watching (allowed to interpret multiple meanings!!), some love dancing and so on there is a whole list of things people do… How can I forget a lot of people ( and I mean a huge population of our young country) love sleeping…

So one day I sat and thought what would be that one thing, which gives me maximum satisfaction, what is that time when I feel most comfortable within myself and happy as well….
I discovered the act of shitting is most relaxing !!!
Release and Relief 🙂
Just Imagine a day, when you went to your friend’s party and hogged like anything…
And next day was crappy ’cause you could not crap !!!
A day when you went out for a date, meeting the person first time (the the fellow is really cute). But you can’t even eat and share ’cause you are constipated… shittt !! thats the time when you miss crap (miss it both ways)  !!!
(still everybody hates it…)

People have different techniques for shitting…
Like some people wake up early morning, do not see anybody’s face… first thing they want to see is commode.
Some people prefer a bit of pressure so they have nice tea and let the warm drink do its job…
Then there are preferences of commodes…
Let me declare that I love Indian toilets…
But ’cause India is a progressive country so we prefer uplifting in life, so this can be a reason that we have western toilet all around (I am not talking about villages… it’s all about the cities and towns, you see !)
When you use an Indian toilet, your sitting posture help you build the pressure and that is the reason we do not need newspaper in the toilet, it’s a lifesaving act, not just a way to pass your time and read your favorite thing.
One more thing is noticeable that when you shit in Indian way, there are a lot of chances to get new ideas (and Nirvana !!!) as your focus is only limited to the act you are performing… 🙂


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