Put yourself into my shoes…

generally… I wear Sandals/ girly shoes/ sport shoes etc for office.
Today I wore flip-flops and magic my gait changed !!!

I have heard a lot of sayings about shoes and wearing them. Today I actually felt that shoes is something, which actually defines one’s character.
When I wear sport shoes I feel like school kid.
I have noticed that there are certain kind of shoes I hate, like one of those men-shoes with long beak. And apparently my thinking differs from these people as well. I am not making a statement here, its just a co-incident or may be thats the way life is… I donno!!!

Shoes are a crucial part of our life they keep us going. When somebody says put yourself  in my shoes that means he/she wants you to be aware of his situation… So if I ask somebody that my shoes are biting that can be interpreted as I am having a tough time and if I am flying in my shoes that means I am in love or may be I finished some work which was making my life hell or  I am just happy…

This shoe business is not easy I tell you !!! I am trying to find a good shoes since ever I realize that I need to wear better shoes. I was happy with my floaters. But as we all know as you grow you are suppose to change your shoes according to your job/place/friends/income.

I never trusted hi-fi brands for shoes as I came to know about them just 5-6 years ago, they claim to be there since 1867 or so…
I was so happy as a kid. I knew Bata, Action and Liberty. All three use to be good (aweeeesome) brands. Every new class I use to get a new pair of shoes and once I got a full-leather shoes made by shoemaker, especially for me :).
Now when I go out for shopping I am always confused. My childhood Favorite shoes seems to be out dated and as I mentioned before I never trusted these big brands.
Like these shoes my life has been always in confusion.  When I had few options for shoes, my father knew which one I need !!! Now, when I am aware of soooooo many brands ( I don’t want to scare my dad, so I never tell him which brand and how much…) I get confused. Now I don’t even have my parents with me to choose the right shoe, even they don’t know which one will fit me !!!


3 thoughts on “Put yourself into my shoes…”

  1. Neha, it’s a very honest and different take on your tryst with shoes. I particularly enjoyed your childhood shoe memories..Keep writing!

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