Norse Myths and more

I have many stories about Indian Mythology and luckily I belonged to the place where this stories have cross their path once or many times. In the beginning of the Indian stories, there is always the two very contrasting ideologies and after that story starts. For example in Ramayan, Rama was too good for his own welfare… Ravan was a great scholar but wicked (in some versions). We tell stories in such a way, that Black and White becomes a very clear.
Everybody suppose to know what is good and what is bad…. (but why? and who decides this good – bad)

But in the Norse Mythology, all Gods are not good and all giants are not so bad.
I found many ‘out of the blue moment’ in the book (which I am still reading). And for some weird reason I am comparing it from Indian Mythology. I came to know about many interesting characters like dwarfs. They are so wonderful and skilled but nobody knows them as such… the actual good things they have done to the Gods but they do not get the credit ever. I have this feeling that we designers are somewhat in the same line… Metaphorically we are dwarfs, a very small figure among many other, so called Gods.
So lets come to the story, Odin is the father of all Gods. He has a wicked brother called Loki, who keep doing mischievous deeds and then only Gods get some interesting work to do. Otherwise they all are sitting there and enjoying their selves. Sometimes even Odin gets bored and he goes hiking with Loki and his other brother.

Giants are always ugly and dark…

Now as I am going into more stories I am discovering new tales. Thor the god of lightning & thunder is the most famous hero of Aesir’s. But I donno why he is always itching to kill giants without any reasons and ya!!! he can not identify if some giant plays a magic trick on him… weird !!! In Hindu Mythology gods are the one who do all sorts of magic and sometimes fool others.
But they do not harm the others till it comes to danger them. On the other hand Mr. Thor is going all the way to giant land to kill some giant who is a serpent lying in deep ocean. And why he does all that for adventure (as per the book I am reading).

Till now I could not find any significant role of any female god/ giant in the stories. The female characters are fragile and dainty.

For my surprise the food of aesirs and giants is same. There is a saying ‘what you eat becomes your character’.



6 thoughts on “Norse Myths and more”

  1. It is interesting that all the norse gods’ creations come from some clash with the giants (Did you know Odin too has giant ancestry).
    I’ve been thinking it is actually a dualistic concept, but not one that can be labeled ‘good and evil’ – that the giants are representing nature’s potential and the gods representing order, and when they meet, there is creation.

  2. thanks for liking the post… I was writing very random and comparing very random subjects… still need to read more about it… norse mythology is strangely interesting… Does this has many versions as Indian Mythology???

  3. I get carried away with mythology I know about.:) Yes it has many versions and fragments spread around. It’s all written down in medieval times in christian context, so discerning what pre-christian religion actually was like, is a huge and widely discussed academic field..

  4. Thats interesting !!!
    The version I am reading right now… is not so not-biased…
    But I would like to read what other stories are…

  5. i know nothing much bout Norse Mythology….but d way u portrayed it was quite interesting…al i know is dat…Norse ppl were like KILL KILL KILL…as portrayed in many movies n other things…i luvv mythology n stuff…so can u tel which book were u referring to in this post???

    1. thanks for liking the post…
      It was a book named Norse Myths… I read it from a friend so actually donn remember the author… a thin book … 🙂

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