Zoya is a novel by Danielle Steel.
I happened to read this book and came across many historical events. The story takes me from the Tsar Nicolas’s personal life to Zoya, who is a cousin of Tsar;s whole life events.
In the novel Zoya is an extremely pretty girl who goes through many ups and downs of life, but at the end of the day she wins the war of the fate.
I was wondering what if she would not have been that pretty the life of not so beautiful people is not so easy. When I was a kid I use to hear a lot of tale regarding hard work and success and how always laborious wins at the end. But it seems that face value does matter a lot.

The story talks about bloody Sunday and world war 1 and many more historical events… Zoya happened to be the witness of all these… She brought up in a royal family but led a very uncomfortable life… but she kept meeting good people on her way and got a lot of help from these rich people, who fell for her beauty and dignity…

But one question keep coming to my mind that because she was belonged to a royal family she could survive…
Some times we forget that the people who are on the higher position have a normal life also. Their public image over powers their actual life and exactly same happened with Tsar Nicolas ||.

I read this novel every single minute, traveling in Mumbai local, before sleeping after office, as I really wanted to know what happened, the result was that good things happen to good people… but I am not sure !!! How many times???


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