Chak de

Chak de India is one of my favorite films.
I actually get goose bumps when I watch this movie.

The day before yesterday I was checking my Facebook and I saw an event invitation for a play called ‘Gloom to Glory’… I quickly went through the text and read the name Negi in between so I thought some Garhwali, person might be performing and I being a garhwali and a theater lover should go and watch the play.

The poster of the play did not say any story about play and i was expecting it to be a very boring kind of play… So I asked some of my friends to join me so I wouldn’t feel bored. No body came 😛

I went there and my friend gave me a pass , I rushed in side as the play just started.

The play started with a clip of Hockey match happening between India and Pakistan, India lost. Indira Gandhi was upset.

And the play started. A fair middle aged man came on the stage, dressed in his hockey costume and started his story. The man is Mir ranjan Negi and he is telling the real story of well known, Shahrukh Khan movie Chak De.
The play was an monologue, Negi told the whole story of how he joined Hockey and then how he became a goal keeper… how many matches they won and all the interesting incident of his Hockey life.

Then he talked about the match between India-Pakistan.
Before the match started Coach changed the team, out of the blue and the whole chemistry of team ruined. The defeat was blamed to Negi, saying that he purposely did not stop the goal as he took bribe of 7 lac from Pakistan.
After this his life became miserable and he had to go through a lot… of course with family…

But in the play he told us that how he overcame all that and now people know him.
When I watch some film, I believe that its just an story and not truth but I realized that whatever they show in the film was not even half close to reality. Reality was far more worse to Negi, and he fought like a worrier.

I am really inspired by what he said in the play,’ When something bad is happening to you that means God is just testing your strength as He thinks that you are capable of much more.”


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