What British did to us?

India has always been invaded by many invaders from centuries.
India was invaded and conquered by nomadic light-skinned Indo-European tribes from Central Asia around 1500-100 BC, who overthrew an earlier and more advanced dark-skinned Dravidian civilization from which they took most of what later became Hindu culture.
Throughout its history the Indian Subcontinent  (encompassing modern-day Pakistan, India and Bangladesh ) has been frequently subject to invasion, from the North-West by Central Asian nomadic tribes and the Persian Empire .

But when British came to India in 1617, nobody had a slight idea what it is going to give India as a forever gift. Pakistan. Why British made Pakistan?
One has to comply with the fact that the psychological theories do work on real public. One is always looking for his other to make sure that the one exists. After the war, started in 1857, it became mendatory for Britisher’s not to be the Other for India. So, they made made Pakistan, now for India, Britisher’s does not matter as they have their other called Pakistan. A witty play and they just got out the whole game.

If you see, there always been  the fight of opinion about who actually belongs to India, I think India was like a bowl of milk and people keep coming here like sugar and it became more sweet with the time. We have so many religion and everybody is perfectly fitting on place.

I was just thinking how could we resolve this problem ? Can we play with the people’s psychology again rather then playing with bombs and guns.


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