Can’t fall in love

Recently I got a chance to visit Holland. I was invited so I must agree that people were welcoming and friendly. I was observing western life as an actual Indian (which mean not influenced by metro/wanna be culture of India).

I have seen many Hollywood movie and in those movie I always use to wonder that How can you fall in love, just like that? How can you end your relationship/ marriage just because you do not like the color choice of your partner or some silly reasons like that. I always use to think that it’s not real, it’s just some stupid love story but when I actually been to the place I realized that ,.. Oh my God !!! It can be true.
In India family is the most important thing for most of us. What ever we do we consider how they feel about it and not what I feel about it?
Sometimes I feel that I am loosing that individual inside me, because I have to think of so many things, before taking any stand. Even the most important thing of human life which is choosing your partner is very – very narrowed down in my society. I can not fall in love with some body just like that. I have to consider first his religion, then his family and cast and his state and the language he knows and I do not know how many more things…
I always use to wonder that how can you fall for somebody in just one glance (as they show in Hollywood), I believe I just can not do it… my mind is filled with thousands and thousands assumptions and considerations.

And it’s just not case with me… it’s all around my world, I remember when I was a child, my neighbor girl ran away to get married a guy she liked, they got married and planed to come back to the town, on the way coming back they got murdered. I do not want to tell who did it but I know …. the only reason of murdering a very pretty young married couple was that they were from different cast.

In the news paper we have hell lot of news about these biases… though the family factor keeps my huge country together, I do not know where all it murders many dreams and lives.

I do not know and can not make a conclusion for this but I was just thinking that what could be the factor to keep such a huge country together? Is it the boundaries we have made for all of us? Is it the fear of , what will the society think? Is it the culture? What is this thing call culture? Can we question it?


4 thoughts on “Can’t fall in love”

  1. Hi ,
    I am very much aware of the fact you wrote.Even I am wondering how come people are being forced to live a life of some group?God sent each of us on eart with our own faith and destiny but still society rules above god in those regions?When will this change and when will an end come in the cattle business as in the arrange marriages which are stamped as the successful marriage while ppl arent seeing why they r successful,in the end of the day its tolerating cuz one is afraid wht the society again will say !How come society in those region has so much POWER to decide someone’s life? :O There are many things I would like to say as I have recently experienced something like this but I rather keep it limited.I feel strange and bad that people are dealing with people like this.Deciding others their lives etc!!! Heartless people,and u know they call their selves the one with experiences so therefor their can decide others their lives !!What a blunder they r creating !!!Anyway lemme cool down…. !!Take care and all the best…

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  3. Hi Neha,
    I really appreciate this thoughtful writing..key reasons the way we defined our social rules and willingly or unwillingly we take pride in that..there is no way that one can escape these socio-cultural norms..which actually exits for no good..but they are there and most of us are silent spectators /followers..also this is certainly not an output of our literacy statistics, we end nurturing these norms in high literal prospects too..

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