Visual Poets

This post is dedicated to my faculty of Symbol Design, whose linguistic skill impressed me a lot and apart from that I learnt how to develope even temper in worse situations.

So here we start with basics of visual language The GESTALT:

Gestalt psychology (also Gestalt of the Berlin School) is a theory of mind and brain that proposes that the operational principle of the brain is holistic, parallel, and analogue, with self-organizing tendencies; or, that the whole is different from the sum of its parts. The Gestalt effect refers to the form-forming capability of our senses, particularly with respect to the visual recognition of figures and whole forms instead of just a collection of simple lines and curves.

The word Gestalt in German literally means “shape” or “figure.”

Pragmatic – Realistic (DCC)

Syntactic (grammar of sign language) and Semantics (connotative/suggesting)   

For a Graphic designer IQ will be Interpretative Quotient. It should define his/her efficiency of understanding the visual language for different contexts.

Visual has their own rhetorical meaning as well as text. Our mind struggle for meanings and that’s where Gestalt applied. Gestalt is a unified thing, ‘the whole’.


Sign: There are hidden gestures in shapes. And a symbol is lot more than just a gestural interpretation.  Every shape is a gesture so never take it for granted.

When we talk about symbol we are talking a whole experience. Because a symbol is not just a form base thing it’s a space also. While talking about form and space I want to give instance of an example we discussed in the class. ‘Breaking the ice’. In common words it means starting conversations. But just take it as word by word, I mean breaking the actual ice. Where can we do that? May be in the places like frozen lakes to get involved with the other world. Just notice what’s happening here! One is breaking a form and entering into a new space and now the formal thing has become spacial. Now relate it with the common talk, when we say ‘break the ice’ we mean that we are entering into other person’s persona space and the relationship is no more formal. ­

I think that designers are visual poets. Poets write poems and play with metaphor simile and other figures of speech.  Here is a ‘Sher’ by Gulam Ali,

Ab main samjha rukhsaar pe tere til ka matlab,

Daulat-e-husn pe darban bitha rakha hai.

Gar siya bakhs hi hona tha mere,

Julf hota ya rukhsaar pet ere til hota.

In this poetry the lover is comparing a black mole to a watchman and beautifying it more by adding that if he was destined to  defamed (siya bakhs means black, here comparison between blackness and defame) he would prefer to be the hair or the mole of his lover.


2 thoughts on “Visual Poets”

  1. Hi Neha,

    nice job. good sketches. I see that u hav acquired an eye for
    perception of minutes of ur surroundings.

    may glory b urs in coming Kalas.

  2. Neha,

    Here is an experiment for u to conduct…

    during next full moon night, sit in an open area with ur friends

    and ask them to compose something on theme ‘Moon’.
    composition may be in any form…poetic or painted or drawn or just verbal but should be very brief.

    enjoy urselves.

    send the outcome to me also.

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