Dehradun Visit

In between the semester Meenakshi (my batchmate) came up with this plan of going my home town Dehradun. Without giving the second thought I was ready to go back home. Me, Tanima and Meenakshi left NID in the night around 9’o clock for Vadodara. There we stayed at Grishma’s place and ya! Deepak came with us till Vadodara. From there we took a train called Dehradun Express and we moved at 7: 45am 11th september 08.

Early Morning in Vadodara
Early Morning in Vadodara

Our journey was quite long and boaring sometimes as train was supposed to take around 36 hours, I started sketching to kill the time, but I was enjoying the beauty of Rajasthani villages. Train was stopping almost every station and I saw lots of villagers selling cucumber and other fruits for less then 5 rupees a piece.

Somebody is getting bored 🙂

There were stations, where train was over crowded like Meerut and Kota. After Meenakshi got damn bored she went for sleeping and believe me her posture was too tempting for me to draw, what a perspective!

It was really crowded for some time.  And after a point three of us got irritared with the speed of train so we decided that we will be stepping down in Saharanpur in place of Dehradun. We took a bus from there and reached 3 hours before train. Now my mother cooked amazing food for us. Because of over eating three of us felt tired and we slept at 8: 30 (not me). Upcoming days we visited Dehradun, Rishikesh (only Tanima and Meenakshi) and some quite a good hilly places like Lakha Mandal, Chakarata, Tiger Fall and many other small villages.Mussorie Bus stand, Dehradun.

After This sketch I started enjoying the place and the wether so I clicked some photographs with my film SLR camera.


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