2nd year of NID ended and I left for vacation but our Graphic design batch was supposed to do a self study. In which we were suppose to select any topic and clear our doubt about that.

A Jaad lady in her traditional outfits.
A Jaad lady in her traditional outfits.

My native place is Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. I’m a Garhwali and in my native place there is a community, called Jad. They are a subject of curiosity for me since I was a child. Because we the garhwalis, are not allowed to eat in their home, as they come under the cast of Schedule Tribe.

This time I found a golden opportunity to interact with them because it’s a part of my studies. So my relatives (especially my Nani and all) can’t say no. Ha ha…

I spent 2 weeks with them and found some interesting facts about this semi-nomadic tribe.

It was the start of my visit and I was in a great confusion. In Dunda there lived not only Jad but also Tibetans and Himachalis. And then I further dwelled to understand Rongpa and Khampa. I asked many people to clear up this confusion but “Jitne muha utani baatein” (Many mouths, differing stories).

At last I figured their origin. Actually Khampa were Tibetan refugees who are actually not Indian but they called themselves Indian.

And Rongpa are the people who are Indian tribe and they used to trade between India and Tibet. They have a blend of Indian and Tibetan culture, features, food and customs.


One thought on “Self-study”

  1. Bhotia means who live in bhot ie. a remote place.
    Rongpas are also in Chamoli. Imyself belong to that tribe. Ronpas are also in Pithorgarh. Though they prefer to cll themselves as RANG or Shaukas. There is also sub classification betwen Rongpas of Chamoli. They r callled Marcha and Tolchas. The entire tribe though is related to the bigger tribe of Reang, Rang, Rongpas, Mompas, etc. who r found in Sikkim, Butan Tibet etc. If u r more interested in more details then u may contact ne at my e mail id ie.

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