Colour and Form

The failure of an assignment made my interest in colours and I will like to-share my
understanding of color with graphics people.
Let’s first talk about the assignment; the assignment was to make different colors looking same or same colors looking different playing with background and all.
I must say except gray, every color-discouraged me .I read some books over colors behavior and some basic things about colours so I came to know that colors have 3 essential qualities, hue, value and chroma.

HUE: hue is a family name for a group of chromatic colors or the quality by which
colors of equal luminosity and chroma may differ [the length o f ether waves
impacting on retina]

VALUE: the lightness of color

CHROMA: in general color intensity,
the quality of color by which we distinguish a strong color from a weak one

This theory is called the MUN-SELL SYSTEM OF HUE, VALUE AND CHROMA


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