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I would start with the happiness I feel to see how me too movement is picking up the pace and congratulate the brave women who are standing for their-selves and for society as well.
This poem dedicated to all brave heart women



Journey in my head

As a teenager I had lots and lots of spaces in mind, where I wanted to go, meet people, learn new things and have endless fun experiences. I did go to places while still in college and afterwards. But somehow life took over… Ambitions, job, career, love, family and society… everything became primary. My wanderer soul started taking a backseat, it would come alive once in a while and I would go to some place near by for feeling alive.

I am a writer by profession and a storyteller by passion, so all my stories come from childhood… I kept thinking, why i don’t have stories which are recent. The answer is simple, that when we have responsibilities we tend to let go dreams.
It’s not that I have a mundane life style or a 9 to 5 job… NO!  that way I have worked my way up to have a career of my choice- Writing and making stories, trying to make the world a better place with my stories. Children are my favourite audience and I write for them.
But when I got this email about Bucket list, I thought it is quite a over rated thing… People just go to places because they have to fill their social media with colourful images. Sometime people do travel because they have to- Work!
Honestly, Travelling is really fun in the pictures and stories, the problems one face on the way to destination, from toilet, to shower, carrying heavy luggage, stomach upset, strange people… expensive cities… bad hotels, bumpy bus rides, vomiting on the hilly roads, creepy co passengers… the list is endless…
I have faced all the above in my various journeys- Mostly inside the country. Abroad I felt coldness, in the surrounding and in the people as well…
On top of that I have never been a super healthy person so I could never go crazy over food, bicycling or long walks… because you know…
However, I have met some amazing people in real life and over the internet, who are not from my country, they can’t even speak my language but we understood each other. I loved sharing my stories with them and knowing about theirs.
I have a wish to travel to far of countries if not for anything but for stories- folktales, myths, fairytales… songs, dances and absurd music instruments…
Because hell yeah!!! life is difficult and I have chose to make the world better place with stories.
#TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld

Morning Walk

I started my morning walks just few days back. There is a garden close to my house, it’s a beautiful garden managed by BMC (which is hard to believe but yes!). I noticed few people jogging, few walking, some mother-in laws complaining, few gossip mongers sitting and gossiping, a yoga group of senior citizens and few youngsters hiding behind bushes and doing the love talks.
This whole scenario made me feel close to society, usually I am in my den, writing and reading for myself. So this was going all fine, and i was excited to get up in the morning and do few rounds of the garden until yesterday.
Yesterday I came back from the walk and started a conversation with my maid about her work. She is always in hurry to go home, so no work gets done properly. Yesterday also she told me that since her kids are home, she will need to go quickly. Then she told me that because both her kids are little girls she worries more about them.
I said, Yes!! world is not a safe place for young girls.
Then she told me that few weeks back, on the day of Mataki-phod, when everyone was busy in the religious celebration, a 8 years old girl got abducted from the Garden and 3 men raped her. this was disgusting enough but then the maid told me that the rapist were, 10 years, 15 years and 18 years old boys. I was shocked.. 10 years old boy??? rapist.
I asked her what happened? Did they go to jail??
“No madam… I got away by giving money… 1.5 lac” she told me. I was still getting out of this when she told me another incident, which took place just few days ago, in the garden.
A tom boyish girl, who used to hang out with boys in the garden got raped and murdered, then thrown away somewhere in the garden.
I was like, what??? The maid did not know what happened to her rapist but she wanted to go home as early as possible.
I did not know how should i react. This was done by and to the people who lived in slums and maybe that’s the reason that I never heard of them before, no news, no inquiry, nothing…
I did not go to the morning walk today. Instead I am here writing this story and thinking about the fear, the fear which has crawled from the garden into my house.

Teen Zordaar Mahilayein

This was supposed to be published during women’s day and not on mother’s day… But destiny.  Dedicated to all the zordaar women around.
Watch the Stories in the link below…

Laal Salaam

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Here is the winning entry by Neha Bahuguna. Watch this brilliant poem called “Lal Salaam”, we also had a chat with her about her story.

Could you  briefly explain the process of writing this story?

Neha: When I started writing it, I thought of all the experiences and events related to me and the experiences of people around me regarding menstruation. Honestly, I always took advantage of those days by not doing many household chores and sleeping. However, at times it is really painful to go through the whole 4-5 days period, so I wanted to include all of this in my story.  When I first got my periods, I totally thought that something wrong had happened to me and maybe by chance I have managed to bleed due to some injury while playing. But like every other girl, I learnt to accept it and not share anything about it. I look back at all that time and laugh at the stupidity of the situation.

Please also explain why you think this medium works in breaking the taboo around menstruation. What do you want to achieve through your writing about the subject?

Neha: No one wants to listen to any more information in today’s world as everyone thinks that they know it all or it does not matter to them. But if you know how to tell it in story-form, people want to listen to you. Since all women go through it but not many of us want to talk about it, it’s important to present it in such a way that no one is hurt but the message still comes across.
What I wanted to achieve:
I had called my mother before writing this piece and asked her if she had any insights to share; she told me that something should be kept behind the curtain and not be talked about openly. I totally understand where she is coming from and that’s why it becomes my responsibility to be able to break her barriers as well my own. So I challenged her that she will laugh her gut out with my story about periods and even once she will not feel the disgust associated with it. And guess what, I won!:)


Briefly take us through your journey of  being a poet and a performer.

Neha: I grew up in the hills and stories have been a very crucial part of my childhood. After graduating from NID, I shuffled between various kinds of disciplines related to design; from graphics, animation, art curation to becoming a creative director for children’s shows and meanwhile I kept on writing something or the other. It was not that easy though, but there was this thing about Hindi as a language, which I really wanted to explore and I even designed a Devanagari font (Kunkun Devanagari) hoping that I would find the connection between design and Language, but it was not enough.

However, I used to go to various poetry slams and performances, to perform and to be an audience as well. In one of these performances, someone asked me to tell a story and I told one of the story related to the caste issue. People liked it a lot and I liked the attention and since I always wanted to write about important things and in Hindi, I realised that satire and humour are quite natural to me so why not write fun stuff and convey the message that I want to. The journey has just started and I have been looking to take it forward in workshops and through other visual mediums.

How has the response of your viewers been? Do you wish to continue writing about gender issues? 

Ans:I knew that people liked the way I talk but I never imagined that they will be able to understand the hidden meanings behind every single line I say. My Hindi can be put into difficult category and I am amazed with the response of the audience. Never underestimate your audience!

I do wish to write about gender issues. Not just male-female but other genders as well. I am actually working on a web series where the protagonist is queer.

You can watch more videos on her YouTube channel: NehaBhai

Edited by Divya Rosaline

Do I get it?

A writer’s journey

It’s been a while since I have worked on various writing projects. Before getting into any project I am quite confident about it but as I move deeper in the subject, I realise the difficulties. There are times when I feel that I am getting nowhere and then there are times when I think that what ever I have written is good but I don’t get same reaction from others. There could be various reasons about it, for example; everyone has their own sense of understanding and people could be completely on different level in understanding same topic.

So, lets talk about the current project I am on, the protagonist of my story is in love with a homosexual friend of his. Now, if I go on thinking like a straight person and try to interpret the situation of my protagonist, I might be able to get it correct but if I have to project or show, what his love interest is going through, I need to know what actually happens. And in our society it’s bad enough to be born as a straight girl (pls do not start a conversation about woman empowerment now! ), I can not imagine what might be going through in the head of a girl who is homosexual. Taboo ka baap!

Since I wanted an authentic voice in my writing, I started looking for the real people, who are of different sexualities. Few of my close friends are gay, so first, I talked to them but they told me that they don’t know what exactly a lesbian might be feeling because being gay is completely different from being lesbian. Now, that was a blow I did not see coming. In my head I had put all homosexuals in one group. But now if I see and recollect the behaviours, likings and other traits of each and every individual, they are completely different from one another.

Another blow that came directly on my face was when I talked to some lesbian beings and I realised that not everyone was open about talking about their story. I do completely respect their opinion but then for me as a writer it again becomes an alienated space, where if I write something on my own, I might be judgemental and stereotype about things but on the other hand I cannot force people to share their stuff with me.

Should I write or not? Is it freedom of expression or not?